Upgrading my mac laptop

macbook pro insides

My 6 year old macbook pro started shutting down randomly for a while. I found out the charger was the problem, so I bought a new charger. Then I decided why not do an upgrade on my mac? A new year is starting soon, so I felt like this is a good time to rejuvenate my macbook pro.

So I went and ordered replacement parts for the left fan (it started making noise again -_-), and the ribbon cable for the keyboard and trackpad (for a while I used an external keyboard with my wacom tablet because the keyboard and trackpad stopped working lol). The keyboard and trackpad works now! and the left fan no longer makes loud noises 😀

I also ordered a Samsung Evo 250gb SSD to replace my Superdrive. Well I moved the original hard drive to the superdrive spot, and put the ssd to the default hard drive space. Now I run the OS and apps on the SSD, while my storage goes into the hard drive. The programs do run faster! :D. The only downside is I no longer have a DVD drive. I’m probably going to just buy an external DVD or blue-ray drive for playing and burning dvds. But yay now I have over 270gb of free space! I was kind of running low at 27gb of space left before lol.

macbook pro insides
Inside computer: SSD and hard drive in place

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