Sequoia and California Coast Road Trip

Oceanside Beach Sunset

I went on a 4 day trip from Sequoia National Park to San Francisco, California. Along the way passing through Hearst Castle, Moonstone Beach, and Monterey Bay Aquarium.

On our first day we drove to Sequoia National Park and saw the General Sherman tree, the largest in the world by volume.

General Sherman Tree - Sequoia National Park

All the trees look so huge in that area, it’s amazing.

Sequoia National Park Trees

Due to our unexpected shortage of gas in the park, we couldn’t also go visit the waterfalls 🙁 O well, perhaps next time.

The drive into and out of Sequoia National Park is also amazing.

sequoia national park mountains sunset

We stayed at the Three Rivers just outside of Sequoia for the night. There was a restaurant there that had a really nice view (we didn’t have our dinner there since the price was not in our range). Here my attempt at photographing smooth water 🙂

Three Rivers, California

The next day we drove to in Sam Simeon, CA and took a tour to the Hearst Castle. We went on the Grand rooms tour, my favorite spot is the indoor pool, it’s so awesome.

Hearst Castle Indoor Pool

Next we went to the Moonstone Beach in Cambria, CA. I love ocean beaches, it’s so awesome seeing the waves, especially during sunset!

Moonstone Beach - Rocks water

Moonstone Beach, Cambria California

This is me doing trying to do a yoga pose lol

Silhouette of Tree and yoga pose

I absolutely love beach sunsets!

Moonstone Beach Sunset Moonstone Beach Sunset

The next morning we drove along the coast to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We weren’t able to go through the scenic coast bridge unfortunately since it had collapsed. But along the route 101 that we were able to get on, the view was amazing. We saw at one of the areas a ton of people kite surfing, it’s so cool. Too bad we couldn’t stop and take a longer look.

These squids at the Monterey Bay Aquarium are so cute!

Cute Squid at Monterey Bay Aquarium

At the Aquarium, there is a turtle that is very active. It was quite an eventful day for him I’m guessing lol. Caught the whole thing on video (my first youtube video!): Turtle falls upside down and gets back up

Turtle at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Next stop is another beach in San Francisco! I believe it was called the Oceanside beach? Many people were surfing and fishing there 🙂

Surfer going into water

Oceanside beach rocks waves birds

Oceanside beach sunset water

Lastly visited Golden Gate Bridge 🙂

Golden Gate Bridge California

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