San Francisco & Yosemite Trip

Yosemite trees - ting fen zheng

I went on a 4 day trip to San Francisco & Yosemite. Here’s photos I took during the trip!

We got to San Francisco around 10am in the morning, so had pretty much the whole day to hang around in San Fran before my friend comes to pick us up after her work. We headed on the CTA to a Taiwanese restaurant first (heard they had really good steam buns lol). Then we just walked all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge.

palm tree - ting fen zheng

flowers lizard - ting fen zheng

On the way to the Golden Gate Bridge, we went passed by several Landmark spots. We somehow took a really good route to Golden Gate Bridge! We found a little beach area close to the Bridge (it was a good little hike to get down to the beach).

beach by golden gate bridge - ting fen zheng water hitting rock - ting fen zheng golden gate bridge - ting fen zheng water crashing into rock - ting fen zheng

Here’s at Yosemite now. It’s one of the open areas into the Yosemite Valley. Very nice view!

Yosemite trees - ting fen zheng
Water rocks - ting fen zheng
Trees sky - ting fen zheng close of tree trunk - ting fen zheng

We did about a 2 mile hike up to the top of the waterfall.

yosemite waterfall - ting fen zheng emerald pool yosemite - ting fen zheng waterfall yosemite - ting fen zheng

On 4th day we hiked to the Mirror Lake, which is dry at this time of the year lol. Below is the root of a fallen tree 🙂

tree roots - ting fen zheng

Saw cute chipmunk on one of the hike near Glaser Point. The drive up toward Glaser Point was nerve wrecking, even though I wasn’t the one driving! lol.

chipmunk - ting fen zheng tree skin yosemite - ting fen zheng

Here’s the Tunnel View. The huge granite on the left of the picture is the El Capitan.

yosemite overlook - ting fen zheng

yosemite metal 3d map - ting fen zheng


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