My MacBook Pro’s noisy fan

Yesterday morning, I took apart my macbookpro and went at it with a air duster. The left fan was making a ridiculously loud noise for a few weeks, so I wanted to stop the noise.

I turned the laptop back on, thinking that it’s fixed. But it wasn’t, the noise was still there! So I’m thinking that perhaps the fan is somehow malfunctioning? should I order a new fan? I went on search mode and looked up what other people did for this problem. Found out that I should take the fan itself apart and remove dust inside if there is any, as well as add some WD-40 oil to the axle.

The next day, after getting really annoyed with the fan noise, once again I took apart the laptop (it’s kind of a pain in the ass, since there’s so many screws to remove. lol. though the screws are actually really nice looking). This time, I took out the fan completely from the laptop, and behold I see a blob of dust right on where the fan connects to the laptop.

macbookpro fan

So I took apart the fan, and put in a tiny tiny bit WD-40 oil to the axle.

macbookpro fan taken apart

After reassembling my laptop back together, I turned my laptop back on and I no longer hear the sound!!! Finally peace and quietness 🙂


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